Is Your Breakroom Fully Stocked?

Is Your Breakroom Fully Stocked?

We'll keep your kitchen stocked with supplies

Is your staff frustrated by a lack of plates? Would your employees be happier if they had access to better coffee? Ferris Office Smart, LLC provides breakroom supplies to make sure you have everything your business needs. We carry all the everyday necessities, including:

  • Plates
  • Cups
  • Stirrers
  • Creamer
  • Silverware
  • Straws
  • Sugar

You want to make sure your breakroom or company kitchen stays well-stocked with essential supplies. Contact Ferris Office Smart to get the items your Bossier City area business needs, day-in and day-out.

Put an end to wasted coffee

Do you find yourself throwing out nearly full pots of coffee at the end of the day? Ferris Office Smart is a Keurig coffee dealer that can provide your company with all the coffee it needs while minimizing waste. Single-serve coffee makers are one of the most popular appliances on the market today. And Keurig delivers single-serve cups of coffee in a variety of flavors.

Call 318-220-0988 today to learn more about our Keurig coffee options.